Águeda is a municipality in the region of Aveiro with a vast natural and cultural heritage.
In addition to having a variety of historical monuments to visit, it stands out for its proximity to the largest natural lagoon on the Iberian Peninsula – Pateira.

Located in the Bairrada Demarcated Region, Águeda is known for its vineyards, as well as for its sweet and salty cuisine – roast suckling pig, “rojões”, recipes with lamb and goat meat, meringues, “cavacas”, and the traditional “Pastéis de Águeda”.

In handicrafts, tiles, basketry, ironwork, and earthenware are part of the municipality’s history.

Águeda gained national prominence due to the AgitÁgueda Festival – Art festival, an event that gives color to the entire city and one of the most beautiful and recognized streets in the world – the street with the colorful umbrellas.


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